The finale of "The Sopranos" left a lot of fans debating whether Tony Soprano, played by the late James Gandolfini, was killed. The now famous ending scene back in 2007 suddenly cuts to black with not explanation. Now, seven years later, creator David Chase finally gave a concrete answer in an interview posted on Vox

"I had been talking with Chase for a few years when I finally asked him whether Tony was dead or alive," Martha P. Nochimson wrote for the site. "We were in a tiny coffee shop, when, in the middle of a low-key chat about a writing problem I was having, I popped the question. Chase startled me by turning toward me and saying with sudden, explosive anger, 'Why are we talking about this?' I answered, 'I'm just curious.' And then, for whatever reason, he told me. And I will tell you."

Chase shook his head "no" and said "No he isn't." There we have it ladies and gentlemen, Tony Soprano lives!

Source: Vox