Watch 10-Year-Old Perform With Green Day At His First Concert Ever

Green Day have made it tradition to bring a fan onstage to help them perform a cover of Operation Ivy's "Knowledge," and at the Outside Lands festival last weekend they made one kid's first concert ever one he'll remember for the rest of his life.

Billie Joe Armstrong picked 10-year-old Montgomery, who was holding a sign that read “I’m 10. I came here to play with you,” from the crowd and invited him to play guitar during the song.

“This little guy knows how to play?” Armstrong asked, pointing to Montgomery. “You’re 10 years old and you know how to play? You swear to God?”

The young boy, who's also an East Bay native, chatted with The San Francisco Chronicle about the life-changing experience. “I was really just focusing on playing the guitar and focused on Billie Joe Armstrong and all of that — just looking out on the crowd with all the big lights and stuff,” he recalled. “I wasn’t really nervous. I just fell right in. … I just got on the guitar and started rocking out.”

“Since we got the tickets, he told me, ‘I’m going to play with them.’ I know it sounds crazy, but he said that for weeks,” said Montgomery's dad. “I told him it was a long shot.”

On his first day back at school after the show, the fifth grader admitted he was treated like a rockstar. And rightfully so.

Watch Montgomery shred above.

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