What Is America's Favorite Halloween Candy For 2021??

Photo: Getty Images/Jennifer A Smith

It's that time of the year when the stores start to focus on Halloween and all of the awesome-ness that comes along with it, which means the shelves are filled with delicious yummy candy. Of course Halloween candies are more popular than others, a new survey is out and shows what everyone's favorites are.

  • Overall, chocolate is the top choice for Halloween candy, with 60% of people preferring chocolate treats, and 40% preferring non-chocolate treats.
  • After chocolate, America’s favorite Halloween treat is gummy candy, followed by candy corn.
  • Candy corn can certainly be a divisive treat, but those who do like it have a specific way they like to eat.
  • 52% enjoy eating the whole piece at once.
  • 31% start at the narrow white end.
  • 17% start with wider yellow end.

Many parents and kids had to skip Halloween last year due to the pandemic, and they definitely plan to make up for it this year.

  • 82% of people plan to celebrate Halloween this year, with that number going up to 93% for young parents.
  • 80% plan to bring back trick or treating this year.
  • 79% of Americans will get into the Halloween spirit by filling their Halloween candy bowl this year. 

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