Every State Has A Creepy Urban Legend

Click on picture to find out each state's urban myth.


New Mexico: Chupacabra

Why it's creepy: Simply put: It's a rabid beast that may or may not be the size of a bear but definitely has spikes on its back and glowing eyes. It can fly if it wants, but it will definitely suck the blood out of your pets and family. And a TON of people think it's real. Which is almost scarier.Where it came from: Anyone who grew up in the Southwest knows about the legend of the Chupacabra -- down there, it's as big as Bigfoot, even if people can't agree on what it looks like exactly. The first "sighting" happened in 1995 in Puerto Rico, and "eyewitness" accounts of "the goatsucker" have been a steady trope across Central America, reaching a heat in Mexico and the Southwest over the past two decades. New Mexico, in particular, has been the source of some notable Chupa-sightings. As recently as this summer, a treasure hunter claimed he found a genuine chupacabra skull in Las Vegas, NM. -- WF

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