Hackers Take Control Of Male Chastity Belts Operated By Cell Phones

So there's an adult toy called ChastityLock that is worn by men and can be opened or locked by a cell phone app made by Qiui Cellmate. Well, hackers got control of the software then started targeting Qiui Cellmate, mobile app users. Victims were asked to pay 0.02 bitcoins, around $270 at the time of the attacks to unlock the device. Soon after the attacks started, a flood of complaints came from victim users reporting that they could no longer control the smart adult toy. Some of them fell victim to the attackers multiple times. Some users were concerned that the only way to remove the Cellmate device was by cutting it off since there was no manual override for the Bluetooth lock. However, cutting the hardened steel used for the lock required an angle grinder, and given the sensitive area, this was far from an option for victims. Luckily, some emergency escape possibilities were available.