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Pink Floyd ANIMALS Remix/Remaster out today

Today is the day we finally can get our hands on the remixed and remastered version of Pink Floyd's 10th album, 1977's Animals.

Done in 2018 but held up due to a disagreement over the liner notes between Roger Waters and David Gilmour (see below), it's available on CD, vinyl, Blu-ray and SACD, followed by the deluxe version on October 7th.

The deluxe version includes the album on CD, vinyl, audio Blu-ray, and audio DVD and comes with a 32-page book. The Blu-ray and DVD audio include the 2018 remix in stereo, 5.1 surround and the original 1977 stereo mix.

For this new release, the cover artwork has been re-designed with Algie the pig still flying between the smoke stacks of the Battersea Power Station.

As for that disagreement over the liner notes, Gilmour, in an interview last year with Rolling Stone, said, "Someone has tried to force some liner notes on it that I haven’t approved. And, someone is digging his heels and not allowing it to be released."

The original album did not contain liner notes, and Gilmour added, "I didn’t approve them. And [Waters is] just getting a bit [irritable]. You know how he is, poor boy."

Gilmour went on to say that it's "pretty unlikely" that the tension between the two will lessen. "There’s a lot of misinformation. And I’m not keen on constantly responding to every bit of untruth that I hear about myself and what I’m doing. There are packs of lies and information I’ve allowed to sit out there, but my general view is to swallow and…it’ll all come right one day in one way or another."

Though Waters has thrown in the towel and agreed to let the album be released, he plans to write about it in the memoir he's working on. But the bottom line is, he's pleased with the results.

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