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DISTURBED: Draiman's Comments on Depression Go Viral

Disturbed In Concert With Three Days Grace - Las Vegas, NV

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David Draiman of Disturbed opened up about his recent issues with depression at a show in Milwaukee last week, and a video of his speech has gone viral.

Draiman started speaking about the band's song "A Reason to Fight,” and got emotional when he mentioned how he missed his late friends like Linkin Park’s Chester BenningtonStone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell.

Draiman told the audience, "The demons that are known as addiction and depression are very, very real. They are diseases no different than cancer. You can’t see depression. You can’t see addiction. It festers inside. It metastasizes, takes over your body and mind, your soul. And I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of losing everybody I love to depression and addiction. Every single band member on this stage has dealt with those feelings, with those demons. And I miss the friends that we’ve lost. I miss Chester, I miss Scott, I miss Chris."

Draiman went on to reveal that "A couple months ago, I almost joined them. Addiction and depression can happen to anyone ladies and gentlemen. No one is immune from it no matter how beautiful their life may look from the outside. No matter how blessed they may seem. It’s out of our control."

Draiman went on to ask the crowd, "Now, by a show of hands how many of you have dealt with the demons of addiction and depression yourself or know someone that has? Keep ’em up. Now take a look around this arena. As you can see my friends, you are not alone."

Check out the video here

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