David Lee Roth has a new album in the can, but it's not with Van Halen. In February 2013, Roth said he'd "written and recorded an entire album" with his old guitarist John 5. "It's called Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bar and Grill, and it was designed as a jukebox musical after seeing what the South Park fellows did."

John, who's also played with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, is hoping to put it out soon. He says, "It's 11 of the greatest songs you'll ever hear, and it's just me and Dave, and we had Gregg Bissonette play drums on it... It sounds like just Dave from that Van Halen One or Two or Women and Children First era, [in terms of his] singing [style], and it's incredible, man. It's really incredible. He loves it too, so maybe it'll see the light of day sometime."

Roth returned to L.A. from Tokyo last Friday and said this time he'll be here for a while. So perhaps this means Van Halen will get back to work.