Three New Mexico Cities Rank High On 'Top Pizza Cities In America' List

Hot Margherita Pizza baked In Oven

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Three New Mexico cities have landed on a prestigious list of the best pizza cities in the country, with one landing a spot in the top 10.

Albuquerque has secured its place as the ninth-best pizza city in America, according to a ranking by, an online pizza oven retailer that compiled a list of 250 cities. The rankings were determined by the average Google review of pizzerias in each city and an additional online survey of 1,000 adults, taking into account factors such as age, gender and geography.

Albuquerque earned its position with an impressive average Google review of 4.55 for its pizza establishments.

Topping the list predictably was New York, reigning as the ultimate pizza destination with an average Google rating of 4.68. Following closely were Tulsa, Oklahoma, claiming second place with a 4.65 rating, and Los Angeles, California, securing the third spot with a 4.63 rating.

The pizza prowess of New Mexico extended beyond Albuquerque, as both Santa Fe and Las Cruces earned spots on the prestigious list. Santa Fe claimed the 54th position with a commendable rating of 4.5, while Las Cruces secured the 118th spot with a solid 4.46 rating. This recognition highlights the diverse and high-quality pizza offerings across the state.

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