Mysterious Clues Lead Detectives To Disturbing 'Dark Double Life' Secret

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LA Times investigative reporter Paul Pringle plunges into Los Angeles’ "darkest corridors of power and wealth" while investigating a young woman's mysterious death that occurred at a luxury hotel in Pasadena, California in March 2016. The entire incident and all the secret clues that surround it are fleshed out in Fallen Angels: A Story of California Corruption on iHeartRadio. Per the podcast summary:

"Pringle discovers that the dean of the University of Southern California's medical school is leading a secret double life. As Pringle and his team at the LA Times untangle a sordid web of lies, drugs, and greed, they encounter obstacles and resistance at every turn—from USC, law enforcement and even within their own organization. Fallen Angels explores how money and privilege can corrupt our most important institutions and destroy people's lives."

The plot thickens in the latest episode of the series (released on April 18th) when Pringle sends a "secret reporting team" out to uncover shady details behind the double life of Carmen Puliafito, the dean of the medical school at the University of Southern California who was with the woman at the Hotel Constance the day she died.

Have detectives finally discovered the identity of the woman once and for all, or does new information put investigators right back where they started?

Review the newest elements of the investigation in the latest episode of Fallen Angels: A Story of California Corruption titled, "Episode 4: The Secret Reporting Team" on iHeartRadio now!

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