Abe Kanan was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and grew up hanging out at Metro, Aragon, Riv, and all of Chicago’s music venues, checking out rock bands since his first year of high school. Abe loves sports, food, and poker. If you get Abe on the basketball court, you will be shocked by his unstoppable hook shot that he can hit as far as the three-point line.

During the Football season, Abe gives out free money with his “Best Bet Of The Week,” picking a winning football game against the spread each week. With a record of 13-5-1 last season, Abe is the greatest sports handicapper since Jimmy the Greek. Abe loves burgers, sub sandwiches, and of course, mayo.

Abe has been nicknamed “The Mayo King of Chicago.” You can hear about Chicago’s most incredible food on Abe Kanan’s podcast, “The SLOB Show.” If you want Abe to read your sports scores on his daily Rock 95.5 Chicago Scoreboard, email abe@iheartmedia.com