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What Do You Think About On Vacation? Your Next Vacation

Photo: d3sign / Moment / Getty Images

It's time to start thinking about a vacation. You get to your destination, and all you can think about is where you are going next. But you're not alone.

The average American spent 11 days on vacation in 2023 and they want to spend 15 days on vacation in 2024.

Where are you planning to go?

The survey also says If they had unlimited paid days off, they’d want to up it to 18 days. That seems like a LOT, but you earned the time, so use it as you will.

Respondents say their dream hotel room would include Wi-Fi (55%), a private balcony or outdoor area (41%), a large bedroom (37%), and a full-sized kitchen or kitchenette (32%).

When the vacation is over, 21% admit they want to be on vacation again the day they get back, while that feeling sets in within a week for 27%.

If you had unlimited vacation where would you go next?

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