Swami Rob, Skyler and Mahoney epitomize the old adage, “You can’t choose your co-workers”. Swami Rob is a fanatical sports fan, who obsesses about all of his beloved teams, none of which Skyler and Mahoney could give two sh**s about. Meanwhile, Skyler is a lover of animals. But, as for people? Well, let’s just say she would feed the homeless to her animals. A card carrying member of the AARP, Mahoney is only kept around so Swami and Skyler can use his senior citizen discounts and the laughs provided when he trips on his own ball sack. But, all seriousness aside, if you love eavesdropping on the three idiots incessantly babbling on next to you at the bar, then tune in 6-10am each weekday morning on 94 ROCK.