NINE INCH NAILS: Surprise Albums

Nine Inch Nails have something new for fans stuck at home. Actually,two new things.

Today (Thursday) they released two new instrumental albums,Ghosts Five: Together and Ghosts Six: Locusts. The albums are sequels to the instrumental collection Ghosts One to Four they released in 2008. Both are available as free downloads through the Nine Inch nails website and will hit streaming services at midnight.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross posted a note with the albums that says, "Music, whether listening to it, thinking about it or creating it, has always been the thing that helped us get through anything -- good or bad. With that in mind, we decided to burn the midnight oil and complete these new Ghosts records as a means of staying somewhat sane.Ghosts Five: Together is for when things seems like it might be all okay, and Ghosts Six: Locusts...well, you'll figure it out."

Listen to both albums on YouTube now.

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