The Morning Show with Swami, Skyler and Mahoney

The Morning Show with Swami, Skyler and Mahoney

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Power Ranking - Create Your Pizza Contenders

  • Behold the Huevos Rancheros pizza! A steaming hot pie topped with refried beans, green chile, red chile sauce, black olives, eggs, sour cream and a blend of Mexican cheeses. Enjoy!
  • Frito Pie Pizza, Red Chili sauce, ground beef and beans with some Cheddar Cheese.
  • Green Chile chicken enchilada pizza.Take the sauce you would use for the casserole and use it for the pizza sauce. Can add some red Chile in different spots on the pizza To make it Christmas. top with mexiacan cheese Blend
  • Richie's Jalapeño Popper Pie: Mozzarella cheese

Fresh jalapeños

Fresh bacon


Marinara sauce with a slight hint of cocktail sauce

  • My theme would be well i don't have a theme ha ha you can make one up this just sounds good. 4 cheese blend, pizza sauce, Sauerkraut, bacon, Canadian bacon, red onions, drizzled with mustard lines and green chili.
  • Sauce: creamy sausage gravy

Layer of crumbled Crispy hash browns, crumbled up sausage, scrambled eggs, green Chile, cheese and Hollandaise sauce

  • The Chicken Cutlet Parmigana Pizza

Cook the Chicken Cutlet Parmigana then mince it and put it all over the pie

Then Bake Stella Rigiano Cheese and virgin olive oil Baked in to the pie

  • Thanksgiving pizza:Crust, mash potatoes gravy, red chili, turkey stuffing and a little bit of cheese
  • Very thin sliced pieces of steak so every bite has some. Green Chile cream sauce, Truffle, grilled onions, sautéed asparagus, and very light blue cheese crumbles.

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