Debris from United Airlines plane falls onto Colorado street

In case you missed it, 240 United Airlines passengers endured the scare of a lifetime when the Boeing 777 they were traveling in had a significant engine failure. At approximately 15-thousand feet, the United flight bound for Hawaii began having trouble – and parts of the engine rained down on neighborhoods below. The great news? The plane was able to land safely.

Understandably, the situation is under investigation – and the FAA is ordering new inspections of Boeing 777 engines. FAA Administrator Steve Dickson said new or stepped-up inspections of some Pratt and Whitney engines will likely result in some planes being removed from service.

They’re not kidding – in fact, United Airlines has already pulled 24 Boeing 777 planes from service as the investigation continues.

Watch video from inside the plane here

People on ground film falling debris. Watch video here