Charlie Benante of Anthrax all-star remote cover of Rush

Charlie Benante of Anthrax has done another all-star remote cover of a Rush track.

He's joined on "Subdivisions" by Alex Skolnick of Testament, Roberto "Ra" Diaz of Suicidal Tendencies, Brandon Yeagley of Crobot and Mee Eun Kim of Trans-Siberan Orchestra. Watch it now on YouTube.

Benante posted the new cover to mark the first anniversary of the first all-star remote cover he did, which was Rush's "YYZ" with Skolnick and Diaz. He also revealed that an EP of all the Rush covers he's done -- "Subdivisions," "YYZ," "Red Barchetta, "Freewill" and "La Villa Strangiato" -- will be released on Black Friday Record Store Day on November 26th.