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STUDY: Concert T-Shirts Are Still A Thing

The Rolling Stones On Stage At Fenway Park

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A healthy collection of concert t-shirts tells the world what bands you love and are influenced by. Those who collect them are passionate about those bands and have a sense of community with those who share their sense of taste and style. Rush Order Tees did some research to find out a bit more about the concert tee wearing world.

  • Punk fans have spent the most on their t-shirt collection, averaging $597 spent and owning 15 shirts.
  • Heavy metal fans have the most shirts, with an average of 17 in their collection.
  • On average, fans are willing to spend as much as $51 for a concert t-shirt.
  • When it comes to “vintage” shirts, blues is the most popular genre of music to collect…and most are bought on eBay or in second-hand stores.
  • Music fans agree that in order to wear a band’s shirt and not look like a poser, you should be able to name at least 10 songs from that band.
  • Almost 70% of those in the study still own their very first concert t-shirt.

When it comes to the bands, here are the ones fans say they own “at least one” shirt of:

  • AC/DC (21.4%)
  • Aerosmith (18.1%)
  • Queen (16.9%)
  • Pink Floyd (15.7%)
  • Green Day (14.5%)

There’s a ton more data where that came from. See more HERE.

Source: Rush Order Tees

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